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The dangers of the electronic cigarette

Everyone is still a bit in the dark about the dangers of the electronic cigarette. We often hear in the media that the electronic cigarette is bad for your health. None of this has been proven - however, what is certain is that the regular cigarette is very harmful. The electronic cigarette helps you to quit smoking gradually. This is in the end a good thing for health.

A real danger but not the e-cigarette

As can be read in some newspaper article about the dangers of the electronic cigarette, there has actually been an accident. But it was not an accident directly related to the electronic cigarette. Indeed, it is the e-liquid with nicotine that can be harmful if you drink it or if it gets spilled on your skin. But it’s shortsighted to say this makes vaping dangerous for your health.

A good way to stop smoking

We must first of all see the e-cigarette as a great way to quit smoking. How many people in your surroundings tried to quit without success?

Currently there is a decline in the sale of traditional cigarettes while a growth in sales of electronic cigarettes. The cause and effect is quite obvious, there must be someone around you who has started vaping and who has stopped regular smoking or has reduced its consumption.

If you do not know the "risks" of the e-cigarette, you can be certain of one thing: it is a wonderful help for smokers who wish to quit. Anything helping you to quit smoking is good to use because it removes a real danger to your body.